Claim time is when your insurance policy really proves itself. After all, it’s when the financial back-up plan you put in place ‘just in case’ has to kick-in to provide financial security to you wanted.

If you do have to make a claim, your circumstances may not be great, so insurers have robust claims processes in place to help make the claims process as quick as possible.

Many insurers also offer additional support services, like access to an independent counsellor, or rehabilitation services, where appropriate. Some insurers also offer a financial planning benefit, so that you can get  professional advice on how to make the most of your claimed benefit for your family’s financial future. At claim time you’ll be asked to complete a claim form. You will need to provide details about the condition(s) including diagnosis and doctor’s appointments and you will be asked to supply copies of medical certificates, reports or tests, as well as your original policy documents. 

Below is a diagram illustrating the process when you make a claim: