If I’ve a family history of Huntington’s disease, can I get insurance?

May 4, 2018

If you have a family history of Huntington’s Disease obtaining personal insurance cover is still possible.  It very much depends on whether you personally have the HTT Gene within your body and what age you are.  Learn more here.

What’s needed when applying for insurance?

This is reliant on a number of critical factors but particularly about your extended family history, previous and current test results, age, etc.  When completing the usual personal health statement, an insurer will want to know, who you know in your family that has, or have had, Huntington’s Disease (HD). 

If you have had a genetic test, you must tell them and if known, the results; they will not ask you to have one.  If you have had any counselling, this should also be declared.


What can I expect?

Firstly, make sure you talk with someone who is fully knowledgeable about HD, like a senior underwriter but here is what you should know first…

If your family is predisposed to HD and you are already experiencing physical symptoms, depending on your age, insurance covers are not likely to be available. If you are over age 50, life insurance may be offered with a very high premium.

If you are under age 50, and have had a genetic test to confirm there is a negative genotype, some types of insurance covers are likely to be offered.

But if you have not had a test, and you are over age 50 with no uncertain physical symptoms, you may be eligible for life insurance regardless of other family members having HD.

With medical insurance, the insurer will exclude everything related to the disease, while an insurer is unlikely to offer any form of Disability and Trauma insurance. 

What if I can’t get cover?
Firstly, if you work for a large employer and they offer staff insurance through a Group Scheme, you will be able to get unrestricted insurance covers up to limited amounts.

Alternatively, some insurers offer life insurance cover where no claims will be paid until the policy has been in force for 2 or 3 years old. The amount is up to $50,000 so this is another option you should consider.

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