Some heart issues or heart disease, how will I get on applying for insurance now?

February 14, 2018

Heart disease is a leading cause of health issues in NZ, as statistics reveal. If you’ve got a family history of heart issues, getting insurance while you can is a very smart approach. Genetically, you could easily be at risk.

If you already have signs of possible heart disease, arranging personal insurance can be difficult. So, having a good understanding of your personal issues and complexities of heart disease first, will help you when applying with an insurer.

How can you improve your chances?

Obtain and maintain a file of your medical reports. You will be asked questions about your condition, including previous tests, medication, ongoing symptoms, lifestyle changes, etc. The more information you can supply, the better your outcome.

Are my insurance options restricted?

Getting any form of insurance will largely depend on the severity of your condition, associated medical conditions, age and family history.

For mild and well-controlled heart conditions, an insurer should take a more favourable view and could even offer standard premiums. This will of course depend on the type of cover you are seeking:

  • Life insurance: may not charge any extra, or require payment of a slight extra premium.

  • Disability insurance: there will be restrictions, e.g. limited period of cover, a specific or total Exclusion Clause.

  • Trauma insurance: usually a full Exclusion for any heart-related conditions.

  • Health insurance: as with Trauma insurance.

For more serious or poorly controlled heart conditions, you can expect an insurer to delay offering you cover, offering a much higher premium or severe policy restrictions, or even decline cover altogether (but only if statistical and actuarial data is unavailable – Human Rights Act).

Life insurance may be possible with a much higher premium. Health insurance will exclude all heart-related conditions, including those associated medical conditions. Disability and trauma insurance will not be offered.

What if I can’t get cover?

There may be other options:

  • Check if your employer provides Group Insurance under an Employee Benefits Scheme. Unrestricted insurance covers will be available up to limited amounts.

  • Finally, some insurers offer death cover that don’t pay-out for the first 2 or 3 years and then full cover begins. Amounts are typically less than $50,000 but better than no cover at all.

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