How does having Diabetes affect me getting insurance?

Although diabetes is a serious medical condition, it doesn’t mean those who suffer from it can’t always get insurance. However, there are some insurance types harder to get.  For those covers offered to those living with diabetes, you can expect higher premiums.  This is because of the associated medical risks insurers must consider.


With personal knowledge and preparedness, those with diabetes can still find themselves a good deal – especially if you can establish your condition is carefully controlled.


An Introduction in Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, insurers will want to know details on some of the following:

  • Date when you were diagnosed
  • Type of diabetes (1, 2, or even 3)
  • Medication (metformin, insulin)
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Body Mass Index, along with waist, height and weight measurements
  • Diabetes-related ailments (nerve damage, circulation problems)


You can expect to have a blood test and perhaps even a medical exam with your GP.


How to improve your chances of getting life insurance with diabetes

Before applying, it’s very important to prepare yourself to correctly answer the questions and provide accurate information. Here are some guidelines on how you can improve your chances: 

  • Ask for a recent medical assessment of your condition from your GP.
  • Include up-to-date blood sugar level readings.
  • Provide precise details on your medical history.


Give the insurer as much information as you can about your condition and individual circumstances, as this will help them better evaluate your condition.


What if I can’t get coverage?

Although insurers will be prepared to offer cover to diabetics, not all of them will as some consider the risks of a claim to be too great.


Remember, even though finding cover as a diabetic is likely to be more difficult than if you didn’t have a health condition, there are insurers who will be prepared to cover you.


Those products you are unlikely to be offered full cover on are:

  • Income Protection – if very well controlled, the Claim Excess Period will be at least 13-weeks.
  • Trauma Insurance – no cover likely, unless obtained in a Group Scheme
  • Lump Sum Disability (TPD) – as with Trauma Insurance
  • Health Insurance – will be excluded, unless obtained a Group Scheme also.


Finally, if you bought insurance before being diagnosed with diabetes, then the good news is that that you will be able to keep that policy on the same terms even though your health situation has changed.

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